Designing your cake has never been easier!

Save Time – Gas – Money

cake1Some conveniences of a web meeting:

  • If you have already been to a cake consultation and needed more time to decide on a cake design, we can schedule a web meeting to finalize your design details.
  • You are able to see pictures of Artistic Desserts’ cakes and information at any location.
  • You pick the place and time to go over your design when it is good for you.
  • (High Speed internet may be required.)

Another service offered by Artistic Desserts to serve you is that, we offer drop off cake samples to your place of work or home so that you may sample and experience them on your own time.  Of course, refrigeration of the samples will be needed if not sampled upon delivery.  Delivery to your Caterer or Venue can also be arranged if requested.  A web meeting can then be set up.

Some information regarding the program we use:

  • We use a very safe program called
  • No camera is used.
  • An invitation is sent to your email from Artistic Desserts’ computer.
  • I will personally call you on your specified phone number at the appointed time.
  • You will be instructed to open the invitation and Run the file. (Nothing is downloaded on your computer.)
  • It is very secure and safe using Citrix software.
  • You will have full mousse control and see everything on my desk top. (Note: I see nothing on your computer.)
  • You can drag and drop pictures from my computer to yours and from your computer to mine.
  • This gives you the opportunity to have my full attention and allows me to obtain and complete the designing details for your special cake.

Please contact us and discover how we can make your special occasion one that will never be forgotten!